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Cannabis Capsules in Petaluma

When you’re looking for the kind of relief that only cannabis can provide, cannabis extract capsules are an excellent choice. Over the past decade, cannabis has enjoyed the spotlight as more and more people discover its health and wellness benefits. That spotlight–and legalization across the country–has led to groundbreaking developments and life-changing new products. Cannabis extract capsules make it easy to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without having to worry about the process of smoking flower, lingering smoke odors, or accidentally getting the dosage wrong.

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Why try cannabis extract capsules?

Many cannabis patients have reported significant relief for a variety of conditions ranging from chronic pain to stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression. Keep in mind, we’re not medical professionals and this is not medical advice. Through both scientific-based studies and anecdotal stories, cannabis has been found to have beneficial effects, and if you experience these conditions, it could help you.

While many seek cannabis for relief through smoking, vaping and edibles, cannabis oil capsules are the preferred method for many. This is because cannabis capsules in Petaluma and beyond are:

  • easy to use
  • discreet
  • contain no smoke or vapor

Cannabis oil capsules, or cannabis gel capsules, do not require any accessories or equipment — just swallow like a vitamin. They really are as simple as they sound. There’s no need to measure out the dosage like you do with tinctures, because the dosage of cannabis capsules is predetermined, and there is less risk of losing or damaging the capsules if you drop or tip the bottle.

With cannabis extract capsules, you enjoy a consistent experience every single time without requiring math. There’s also no smell, so you can enjoy them discreetly. There’s no lingering taste left in your mouth, and unlike many cannabis edibles like gummies and baked goods, cannabis oil capsules contain no unwanted sugar, added fats or additional calories. Cannabis supplements are a healthy alternative for those with diabetic or other diet-related concerns. In fact, many even contain root extracts and other beneficial ingredients as an added bonus.

Just note that cannabis capsules’ effects tend to be more potent and last longer than the effects you would experience with other methods.

Who is Down Under Industries?

Down Under Industries is a family-owned small business created by a California dreamer and a wild Aussie who fell in love with each other and the wonders of plant-based medicine. They chose to open a boutique dispensary in Petaluma to benefit their community and provide natural healing in an environment that promotes their core values of kindness, communication, education and giving back.

Husband and wife team Rod and Jamie have curated a premium collection of cannabis products and offer them with customer service that is second to none. Their cozy storefront is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. If you prefer to shop from home, you can place an order online 24/7, and if you live within Down Under’s wide delivery range, you can have cannabis extract capsules delivered right to your door.

cannabis capsules in petaluma | cannabis extract capsules | cannabis gel capsules | cannabis oil capsules | cannabis capsules dosage | cannabis capsules effects
cannabis gel capsules

Cannabis gel capsules and more

Down Under provides the best cannabis capsules in Petaluma in a variety of potencies from brands like Breez, Level, Proof and Absolute Xtracts. Choose from indica, sativa and hybrid strains, some that contain only THC, and some with THC and CBD combinations. That’s not all Down Under Industries offers–if you’re in the market for flower, pre-rolls, concentrate or vape products, head Down Under. With tasty cannabis-infused edibles and refreshing cannabis-infused beverages, as well as an array of cannabis topicals to soothe every ache and pain, there’s no need to shop anywhere else. Every product is carefully chosen and thoroughly tested before it can carry the Down Under name, and the friendly and educated Down Under staff is available to answer all your questions.

With discounts for veterans, senior citizens, first responders and cannabis industry professionals, Down Under cares about getting you the relief you need at the best prices possible. Come see for yourself why Down Under Industries is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to providing healing for yourself or someone you love.

FAQs About Cannabis Oil Capsules

How do cannabis capsules work?

Cannabis extract capsules are swallowed, just like any other supplement, and then pass through the digestive tract. As it’s digested, the extract inside is absorbed. Once it reaches the liver, the cannabinoids are metabolized and eventually reach the bloodstream. How long this process takes depends on your metabolism, body fat percentage, gender and a variety of other factors, but generally, between 30 minutes and two hours.

What is the correct cannabis capsules dosage?

Thanks to modern labeling standards and practices, there’s no guesswork when it comes to dosing cannabis gel capsules or tablets. The amount of THC and/or CBD in every capsule is clearly marked on the product’s packaging. This makes it very easy to know exactly which cannabinoids and how of each you’re taking. If you’re new to cannabis extract capsules, we recommend starting small and working your way up.

Here’s a quick, general guide to cannabis capsules’ effects:

  • 2-2.5mg is often referred to as a “microdose” and is smaller than the standard suggested dosage. This might be a good starting point for those who are new to legal cannabis or have never experienced THC in any form. To take 2.5mg of THC, Down Under Industries carries 5mg mints that can be cut in half.
  • 5mg is a popular dosage for daytime activities and before sleep. It’s also often the suggested dose for those with little to no THC experience.
  • 10mg to 25mg cannabis gel capsules are preferred by more experienced users with higher tolerances who want to noticeably feel the effects.
  • 100mg THC cannabis extract capsules are available, but cannabis capsule dosages that large are not suggested for the average user. Carefully read the label of any cannabis product you use.

You can always start with a single capsule and take another if you aren’t experiencing the cannabis capsules effects you desire. However, it’s important to remember that, as stated before, cannabis capsules provide extended relief and can take hours to reach their full potency. Patience and personal experimentation are key for success in the long term.

Where can I purchase cannabis capsules?

Not all cannabis extract capsules are created equally. But reading a dispensary menu full of options can be overwhelming, unless you have an educated and experienced budtender as your guide. If you’re looking to buy cannabis capsules in Petaluma, the team at Down Under Industries is here to help!

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