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The one where an Aussie and Californian met and fell in love…

Our story starts with a cruise and a chance encounter that changed our lives forever.

Meet Jamie and Rod, the proud owners of Down Under Industries.

Jamie, a Petaluma native with a big heart met Rod, a wild child Australian on a cruise in 2007. Over the years the two have shared a whirlwind adventure, creating bonds over their shared values, hard work ethic, and their love of cannabis. As their passions grew, so did their desire to start a business together. One where they could share their passion for people and plant medicine with each other and their community.

That’s when they created Down Under Industries.

When Jamie shared her love and knowledge of the cannabis plant with Rod, he in return supported his wife in her vision and eventual creation of the boutique dispensary standing today. A cozy store that perfectly represents the medley of California dreamer and wild Aussie – with a menu that is high quality and diverse to match. Guests at Down Under are offered a shopping experience where they can feel safe and supported in making informed decisions on the cannabis products they choose.

Lead with kindness, intuition, and education

It’s essential to have a staff that embodies the qualities that offer our guests an exceptional experience. That means having an empathetic, informed, patient, kind, and caring staff. In order to keep the core values strong, the staff at Down Under Industries get regular brand training and the opportunity to learn about products first hand as they are released. This allows the staff to be more informed to help navigate guests through the many product choices available to them.

Two ways to source your favorite products

Down Under Industries is a boutique storefront location in Petaluma, CA that conveniently offers an at-home delivery service for the greater Sonoma County and Marin County Regions. The in-store standards Jamie and Rod have created extends to their delivery service – allowing those who need or prefer to shop online to receive their products discreetly in the safety and comfort of their homes, worry free.

Our Values

Patient-first approach

The team at Down Under Industries isn’t driven by sales – they’re driven by the desire to help others discover an alternative approach in their health and wellness journey. This allows the team to navigate the landscape of available products to fit your situation. The budtenders are trained to help you curate your experience and build a foundation of understanding – so you can find products that fit your needs today.


There’s no point in guessing when there can be an open and clear line of communication. That applies to how the Down Under Industries team interacts with customers, employees, and community. When there’s an open line of communication, critical insights into existing challenges and the opportunity to listen, learn, and take part in the solution are made possible.


Jamie trusts her gut. It led her to Rod. It led them to start a company. And it has paved the way for success as they navigate an ever-changing industry and economy. When they see red flags, they don’t ignore them. When they are presented with promising opportunities, they seize them. Allowing her intuition to guide them has made all the difference in their journey.


Of all the hard things people face day in and day out, being kind to one another is one of them. Jamie and Rod believe that kindness can change the world, so they do their part to spread it every day. Whether you’re a first-time customer or a regular, you will always be shown kindness.


The key to a great dispensary is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and well-trained staff. The products that line the Down Under shelves are recommended and understood well by all staff. Budtenders receive regular training and access to products, so they feel comfortable making recommendations to our customers.

Giving Back

Community is important. Jamie and Rod encourage their employees to volunteer by paying for a full day of volunteer time. The team also shows participation in local drives and other community efforts that lend a helping hand to those in need.