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Cannabis pre-rolls in Petaluma

People everywhere are making use of flower, edibles, concentrates and tinctures as a way to relieve pain, relax, reduce anxiety and social anxiety, improve mood and more — and cannabis pre-rolls in Petaluma are a perfect way to enjoy recreational cannabis both at home and on the go. A pre-roll is a ready-to-go joint filled with cannabis —it’s pre-rolled for you. Choose from sativa, hybrid, indica and infused pre-roll options. Singles and muti-packs of the best pre-rolls also available!

What are pre-rolls?

A cannabis pre-roll is very similar to the traditional cannabis “joint” but instead of being rolled by hand, pre-rolls (or preroll joints) are manufactured by a rolling machine. Also sometimes referred to as cannabis cigarettes, pre-rolls basically consist of ground cannabis flower, rolling paper and a small filter. They can be the same width from top to bottom or cone-shaped with a wider end that tapers down to a smaller mouthpiece.

While experienced cannabis users can of course roll their own, that process is an acquired skill — and even with the use of precision-crafted pre-roll cones, many folks find this art to be too complicated and messy and prefer to purchase pre-rolls from their local dispensary.

The best pre-rolls are perfectly rolled and include high-quality flower. Some argue strain-specific infused pre-rolls are the very best. You decide! Whatever your preference, all pre-rolls are ready to smoke right out of the package — and that’s convenient.

What are the benefits of pre-rolls?

Pre-rolls are one of the most common ways to smoke cannabis, and it’s the second-highest selling product type after flower, according to Headset. Pre-rolls are convenient, easy to transport and can be discreet. Unlike vapes or bongs or bowls, with pre-rolls there is no need for any preparation or extra equipment. The effects of smoking a pre-roll can be felt in mere minutes, and you can extinguish a pre-roll mid-burn and save the rest for later if needed.

Unlike the preroll joints of days gone by, modern pre-rolls purchased from a dispensary include detailed product info so you know exactly what you are smoking and what each pre-roll contains. This makes pre-rolls a safer way to enjoy and/or medicate with cannabis. You can also document the effects of different strains and strengths, and then use that information to truly create the desired experience.

Types of cannabis pre-rolls in Petaluma

Shop at Down Under for the fantastic selection of high-quality cannabis pre-rolls in Petaluma made with various strains of flower and concentrates for a variety of effects. The best THC pre-rolls are available in a wide variety of sizes at very reasonable prices at Down Under Industries. Buy larger ones for sharing and smaller pre-rolls for individual use. Save a little money with a pre-rolls pack to keep on hand, or mix and match a variety of individual pre-rolls for different effects or to find a favorite. Common preroll categories include:


Sativa strains are generally known for increasing creativity and uplifting energy. Sativas are excellent for fighting fatigue, enhancing productivity levels and improving your mood. Strains in this category offer a ‘head high’.


Indica strains are known for their relaxing and sedating properties. Indicas are perfect for those looking to reduce stress, enhance tranquility and help with sleep issues. Strains in this category offer a ‘body high’.


Hybrids contain a combination of both sativa and indica at varying levels to create qualities matched to specific needs. This allows for a ‘balanced head and body high’ that is both relaxing and euphoric. 


Infused pre-rolls with sativa, indica, or hybrid strains have concentrates such as kief, hash, live resin or THC distillate added to the inside flower or outside paper. The best infused pre-rolls offer users a heightened experience.

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Best Dispensary Pre-rolls

The best dispensary pre-rolls are ones you get from a retailer you can trust. While everyone wants the best pre-rolls at the best possible prices, what you put into your body should matter — so buying high-quality cannabis from a reputable business should matter too.

Down Under Industries is a boutique dispensary built on the core values of customer service, care and hospitality. Down Under is a small business run by a loving couple who has made it their mission to share their love of plant medicine in an environment that inspires healing, creativity and comfort.

Whether you shop in-person at their Petaluma dispensary or prefer to shop online and get THC delivery in the greater Sonoma County and Marin County regions, your experience with Down Under Industries will be second to none. With an empathetic, informed and caring staff of trained professionals, you can feel safe and secure as you navigate the extensive Down Under Industries menu available to you.


THC Pre-rolls Delivery — Order Online!

The brainchild of a California dreamer and a wild child Australian, Down Under Industries provides a curated collection of premium products for those looking to improve their health and wellness. Open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for in-store shopping and delivery, the Down Under menu includes the best pre-rolls available anywhere.

  • Get the best sativa pre-rolls from cannabis brands like Elyon Farms, Lime and Pure Beauty.
  • Get the best indica pre-rolls from cannabis brands like Puff, Creme de Canna and Lowell Herb Co.
  • Get the best hybrid pre-rolls from cannabis brands like Mendocino Grasslands, Featured Farms and Stiiizy.
  • Get the best infused pre-rolls from cannabis brands like Jeeter, CLSICS and Littles.

Delivery prerolls can be ordered online 24/7 from the comfort of your own home. Before you know it, you can have a prerolls pack or individual preroll joints at your doorstep, usually within a few hours. No need to drive all over Sonoma County or do a bunch of Google research. Choose Down Under Industries and feel confident that you are getting the best pre-rolls available anywhere for the best price.

  • Veteran discounts
  • Senior citizen discounts
  • Cannabis industry discounts

Best Pre-Rolls for Delivery in Sonoma

Once you experience the Down Under difference, you’ll never shop for cannabis anywhere else. See for yourself what all the buzz is about. Scroll up and place an order for a delicious infused pre-roll today!

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