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Infused Edibles

Cannabis edibles in petaluma

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Cannabis edibles in Petaluma are a popular method of consumption for both newbies and experienced users alike – for good reason. Infused edibles and cannabis gummies are incredibly discreet, you don’t need any additional accoutrements for usage, and they provide a longer lasting high than you traditionally get from just smoking. For those who have health concerns like asthma, infused edibles are far easier on the lungs than inhaling smoke or vape. They are portable and yummy!

Rod and Jamie, husband and wife owners and operators of Down Under Industries, appreciate plant medicine in all of its various forms — but have a special place in their hearts for edibles. Their unique boutique dispensary is chock full with a wide variety of tasty edible cannabis treats for their valued customers to enjoy. Here is a little bit more info for those who are curious about weed edibles, and some highlights of the goodies currently available on the Down Under menu.

FAQs About best cannabis edibles

What’s a cannabis edible?

A cannabis edible is a cannabis-infused ingestible product that delivers cannabinoids found within marijuana into the body through the digestive system. They contain either THC (which makes you feel “high”) or CBD (which provides no psychoactive effect), or both THC & CBD (which some say provides the “entourage effect“.) A cannabis edible can come in the form of a food or a beverage, could taste sweet or savory, and can be a pre-packaged product that you purchase from a dispensary or a DIY recipe including cannabutter that you created in your own kitchen.

How do cannabis edibles work exactly?

When someone smokes pot, the lungs absorb the smoke within seconds, and the cannabinoids are metabolized by the lungs and then enter the bloodstream and make their way to the brain, and then the rest of the body. With edibles, the cannabinoids enter the stomach to be digested and then are absorbed by the blood, which then carries it into the liver and the rest of the body. It takes longer to feel the effects of an edible — like 45 minutes to two hours with foodstuffs and 15 minutes to an hour for liquids — as opposed to the mere minutes it takes when you smoke or vape. But the high lasts much longer with edibles. Whereas smoking might keep you high for an hour or two, a cannabis edible high usually peaks in about three hours and can sometimes last up to six or even eight hours.

How do I know how much to take?

This is the part that can make people nervous. Every person is affected differently by cannabis edibles according to variables like tolerance, metabolism and body weight. Consuming an edible isn’t like smoking pot in that you cannot just take small little tokes and then gauge how you feel. Once it’s down the hatch, the amount can’t be undone. The biggest mistake people can make is to consume a cannabis edible, and then assume since they don’t feel anything, they should take more. Then when the effects finally do kick in, it’s more than they wanted. The key is to start small, and then wait a few hours (plural) before taking any more if desired.

You also have to be clear on the potency and dosage. There are edibles that contain as little as 1 mg of THC and edibles that contain 1,000 mg. And you can’t tell how strong an edible is just by looking at it. That’s why it’s crucially important to read labels, not only as to how much THC the product contains but how many servings are included within. Some edibles are designed for you to eat the whole package, while others have multiple servings where you need to only eat a portion. Always err on the side of caution, and if you do feel like you may have overdone it, no need to panic. Just drink lots of water and take a nap.

Why choose cannabis gummies and edibles?

Cannabis gummies and edibles, just like smoking cannabis, can provide feelings of relaxation and euphoria, and they can be used not only therapeutically but medicinally as well to help treat any number of conditions from chronic pain to injury to anxiety to insomnia. Some edibles are sativa-based and are usually associated with energy and provide more of a “head high”. They are great for getting creative and being active. Some edibles are indica-based and provide more of a floaty “full body high”. Those are great for relaxing and quieting the mind and are perfect at bedtime. And then there are hybrid edibles that are somewhere in the middle of both worlds.

Where can I get some edibles?

Since cannabis legalization has been sweeping the country, dispensaries are popping up everywhere. At the start of this year, there were 866 licensed dispensaries within California and another 374 licensed cannabis delivery businesses. But, not all products are created equally — and you have to be careful what you put into your body, especially when it comes to marijuana edibles for sale.

Experience all of the positive effects from the cannabis plant without the risk of your own health. You want the best quality cannabis gummies and edibles for sale with no harmful additives or ingredients. The only way you can be sure you’re getting the best cannabis edibles is to purchase from a trusted local retailer.

Down Under Industries is the retailer you can trust

Down Under Industries is the brainchild of a California dreamer and a wild child Australian who have made it their mission to create an environment that inspires healing and to provide premium products and services for those looking to improve their health and wellness through plant medicine. The Down Under Industries cannabis boutique offers both in-store shopping and delivery services seven days a week. While the products and prices Down Under offers are truly second to none, it is the staff and customer service that really sets them apart. Empathetic, caring and informed, everyone you interact with at Down Under is focused on helping customers navigate their extensive menu to discover what will benefit you most. The curated collection of edibles from Down Under popular edible cannabis types.

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Chocolate and Baked Goods

In the past, butter was the number one way to extract THC from cannabis, as fats readily absorb all of those amazing properties. The high fat content of baked goods and chocolates means that almost all of the THC will reach the liver and be absorbed. This means that the high may hit slower, but will hit harder and last longer. Down Under offers delivious edible cannabis products like Peanut Butter Cups from Emerald Sky, Salted Caramel Brownies from Dr. Norms, Krispie Treats from La Familia, Snickerdoodle Cookies from The Original Pot Company, Chocolate Peppermint Patties from Oasis, and even vegan and sugar-free offerings like the Rocket Fudge Chocolate Bar from Moon Edibles.

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Cannabis Gummies and Hard Candy

Since candy tends to mostly dissolve within the mouth, it has a sublingual effect, which means it’s delivered into your system much more quickly than baked edibles. This makes them a more superior choice for pain, or quelling anxiety or even a panic attack. They can also be enjoyed in small doses and usually have a pretty long shelf life. Items from the current Down Under menu include pop rocks-like Space Crystals from Sonder, Sour Gummy Drops from Space Gems, Hard Candy from Emerald Sky, Gelato Chews from Kiva, Sublingual Strips from Do-Si-Dos, and mind-blowingly delicious fruit-flavored Gummies from names like Kahna, Wyld, Camino and more.

Cannabis Beverages

It took a while, but scientists and researchers finally discovered how to make THC water soluble by using nano-emulsification, which basically means that microscopic particles of cannabis oil are blended with an emulsifier and that allows the THC to dissolve in water. Cannabis drinks are absorbed easily by the mouth, which makes the onset of the high quick and effective. Down Under is ever so in love with beverage options including a variety of Herbal Teas from Kikoko, Classic Sodas from Keef, strain-specific Infused Shots from Kwik Ease, and fruit-flavored High Seltzers from Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Whether you are looking for cannabis gummies or edibles that will make your mouth water while simultaneously smoothing out the edges, or you want the finest in flower, per-rolls, vape or concentrate, there’s no need to settle for anything less than all the best you deserve. Down Under has it all: Quality. Selection. Service. Convenience. Down Under Industries is the family-run business that wants you to feel like you’re right at home. See for yourself what all the buzz is about.

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