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Cannabis flower in petaluma

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Cannabis flower in Petaluma is always a popular product, and it’s easy to see why. Down Under Industries has California’s best cannabis flower brands that we all know and love. Explore our selection based off strain, effect, brand or percentage. We offer a variety of outdoor, greenhouse and indoor strains from all your favorite brands!

Cannabis flower is the trichome-enriched part of the cannabis plant that is suitable for smoking. Within this rich, densely packed portion of the plant is where the cannabinoids live. While the two major cannabinoids are THC and CBD, there are actually more than 100 cannabinoids that have been identified, all of which affect users differently by interacting with specific receptors within various areas of the nervous system.

THC is by far the most well-known cannabinoid and is the chemical responsible for most of the psychotropic effects — meaning that THC is what makes you feel “high.” The anatomy of the cannabis flower also includes terpenes, or the aromas found within the oils of the plant. When cannabinoids and terpenes combine, they enhance the medicinal properties cannabis can provide in what is called the “entourage effect.” Flower is the most popular form of cannabis consumption because it is so versatile.

Consume the best cannabis flower brands

Smoking cannabis flower is the most popular form of consumption as the effects kick in almost immediately and can last for one to multiple hours, depending on dosage and individual tolerance.


The easiest and most straightforward way to smoke weed. Pipes are handheld devices commonly made from glass, metal and wood but can also be found made in other natural materials such as stone or bamboo. Ideal for traveling and discreet use, you simply break apart (grind or cut) your marijuana flower, fill the bowl of the pipe, ignite the flower while drawing in air through the mouthpiece and inhale the smoke.


Also referred to as a water pipe, this method allows users to filter the weed smoke through water. Usually made from glass, ceramic, acrylic or silicone, smoking flower cannabis this way is ideal for those looking to tone down the harshness of inhaling smoke. To use, you add just enough water to cover the stem, pack the bowl with ground flower, position your lips around the mouthpiece and ignite the flower while inhaling. When a user “hits a bong,” negative pressure forces the smoke to bubble through the water, and then a small hole is uncovered or the bowl is lifted up and out to facilitate a rush of clean air that drives the smoke into the lungs to be absorbed.


Basically a cannabis flower cigarette, a joint consists of ground flower rolled within a smokable paper. Rolling papers are mostly made from wood pulp material and can also be specialized to include hemp-based papers, longer or larger sized papers, or even ones with extra included to create a filter at the end. A blunt is similar to a joint but involves the use of a blunt wrap or an empty cigar. A grinder can be used to more expertly turn the cannabis buds into as fine a powder as possible for easy rolling and smoother smoking. You can assemble a joint yourself if you have the skills, or purchase it already assembled as a “pre-roll.” Smoking is as easy as lighting one end and puffing on the other.


Vaping involves heating marijuana flower to a temperature that converts cannabinoids and terpenes into vapor to be inhaled as opposed to smoke. Since vaporization happens at a lower temperature than combustion, there is less tar and carcinogens inhaled than with regular smoking. Popular tools for vaping include tabletop vaporizers, portable vaporizers and vape pens.

Choosing a cannabis flower strain

There are a seemingly endless amount of strains currently available for the consumer. The best cannabis flower brands and strains for you depends on how you want to feel or what you’re looking to experience. Lab-tested cannabis flower purchased from legal and licensed dispensaries is labeled to make the dosing process easy and accurate. The THC percentage listed can help you determine how much of an effect you can expect and which strain is the best cannabis flower for you. Less than 10% THC for weed flower is considered in the mild range, 10% to 20% THC can be a bit strong for beginners but perfect for the casual consumer, and more than 20% THC is considered very strong.


The effects of a sativa tend to be centered around the mind, which is why the effects of a sativa are often referred to as a “head high.” Many feel that smoking sativa makes them more focused and more uplifted, which makes it best for daytime use. Sativas are often used to ease depression, relieve headaches, and increase focus and creativity.


Indicas provide more of a “body high” and are known to be incredibly relaxing, which makes them best for nighttime usage. Indicas are often used to relieve muscle and body pain, reduce anxiety and help with insomnia.


Hybrids are created by crossing a sativa and an indica together, sometimes using three or more different strains. A hybrid can be indica-dominant or sativa-dominant, or sometimes even a seemingly perfect balance of the two. The effects a user may receive really depends on which strains are crossed.

Best cannabis flower brands

Unless you consider yourself an experienced cannabis connoisseur, you could benefit from the advice of an educated and experienced budtender to help guide you to the perfect cannabis strain for whatever your need. A qualified budtender combined with a trusted dispensary that provides all the best cannabis flower brands at the best possible prices is what you want to find. If you are in the greater Sonoma County area and looking for just such a place, you’re in luck! Because the place you are looking for not only exists, but can deliver your favorite cannabis flower right to your door — Down Under Industries.

FAQs about cannabis flower in petaluma

Are Down Under products safe?

Down Under Industries tests each and every product before putting it on their shelves and will never stock anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves. We proudly carry the best cannabis flower brands in California.

Does Down Under Industries deliver cannabis flower?
Down Under Industries offers delivery within the greater Sonoma County area and parts of Marin County. Whether you are looking for the best cannabis flower, best concentrate, best tinctures, or best edibles, the answer is the same — Down Under Industries.
Does Down Under offer discounts?

Down Under Industries is made up of real people who want to make a real difference, offering discounts for senior citizens, veterans and those working within the cannabis industry

What are Down Under hours of operation?
Down Under Industries is open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

What is Down Under Industries?

Down Under Industries is more than just your dream come true — it’s the brainchild of a California dreamer and a wild Aussie who fell in love and decided to turn their appreciation for cannabis into a business that would benefit their community. Combining their passion for plant medicine with their core values of kindness, communication and education, husband and wife team Rod & Jamie created a boutique dispensary in Petaluma that is home to a curated collection of cannabis products of the highest quality at the best possible prices. Down Under customers can visit the cozy storefront in person or place a delivery order worry-free from the comfort of their own home, and either way receive both product and service that is second to none. Down Under has an ever-evolving menu that includes all of the best cannabis flower brands like Fig Farms, West Coast Cure, 420 Kingdom, UpNorth, Pearl Pharma and much much more.

Best Cannabis Flower Brands

Down Under Industries is driven by the desire to help others in their health and wellness journeys and they look forward to helping you discover whatever cannabis product you need for whatever your need. Contact Down Under Industries today and see for yourself what all the buzz is about.