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Cannabis concentrate in petaluma

With cannabis legalized for medicinal usage since 1996 and recreational use since 2016, the California market has matured and so have cannabis concentrate products. Cannabis concentrate, also referred to as cannabis extract, has gained popularity in the legal cannabis market. While concentrates accounted for only 10% of legal sales in 2014, they made up around 27% of sales in 2022, making concentrate the fastest-growing cannabis product, second only to cannabis flower.

Current laws allow adults in California ages 21 and up to legally possess up to eight grams of cannabis concentrate. Users seem to be drawn to concentrates when shopping for cannabis because they are stronger, portable and can be more discreet than other methods of cannabis consumption.

When we opened Down Under Industries, we had one goal in mind: to provide healing and education to all members of our community. Down Under’s menu is a curated collection of top-quality, vetted products that include cannabis flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vapes and concentrates.

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What is a cannabis concentrate?

If you’re new to cannabis and concentrates, cannabis extracts or concentrates are the crude or purified separated resin from the cannabis plant. This resin contains the psychoactive component tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

In the past, cannabis concentrates were generally referred to as hash or hashish. It was imported from Europe in brick form. By the 1990s, cannabis concentrate primarily came from Morocco.

By the 2000s, increased homegrown cannabis production shifted the concentrates market. Advanced cultivation methods and developed cannabis strains improved resin quality with smoother, tastier, and more aromatic terpene and flavonoid profiles. The best cannabis concentrate products now smell better, look better, and produce a more intense high. Usually, it comes in the form of liquid, semi-solid or solid.

How do you use concentrated cannabis?

Cannabis vaping with vape cartridges and vape pens are probably the most common way to consume cannabis concentrates, but “dabbing” is growing in popularity. To take a dab, you’ll need some accessories like a rig, nail, dab tool, torch, carb cap and non-stick container.

Pre-rolls can also be dipped into cannabis oil concentrate and even enhanced further by rolling in dry cannabis concentrate, aka kief. And if the cannabis concentrate chosen is in one of the more solid available forms, it can simply be added along with the flower in a pipe or inside a pre-roll.

Where can I get the best cannabis concentrate?

For the finest cannabis concentrate in Petaluma, or anywhere else in the greater Sonoma County or Marin County regions, the retailer you can trust is Down Under Industries. Down Under is a family-run small business that has built a reputation for offering top-shelf cannabis at a fair price and combining it with incomparable customer service.

Visit our cozy storefront or get products delivered right to your door seven days a week. We built our dispensary on the core values of kindness, communication and education, with a patient-first approach and a drive to give back to the community. With a knowledgeable, friendly and well-trained staff, we want to make it clear from your very first interaction that we care about you. Our goal is for every customer to be a returning customer.

Best cannabis concentrate at Down Under

We regularly refine our dispensary menu to include new products and proven favorites. Down Under Industries provides a wide assortment of the best cannabis concentrates available in California including:

THCa powder & bowl toppers

From names like Hashtag, Guild and Lime, these are best used by sprinkling in a bowl or on a joint to superpower your flower by intensifying its potency and taste.


From the smooth sauces to the chunky bits, in indica, sativa and hybrid strains, Down Under carries the best of the best from names like Stiiizy, Errl Hill, Raw Garden, Buddies and so many more. We stock concentrates derived using hydrocarbons and manufactured in a solventless manner.

Cartridges & pods

From names like Himalaya, Halara, Ursa and Jetty Extracts, we offer the super convenience of vape cartridges, disposable cartridges and Pax pods. Get the purest and most delicious cannabis oil concentrate crafted to unleash your creativity or help you relax.

New to concentrates?

Don’t be afraid to ask us questions: what is cannabis concentrate, what is shatter, what’s the difference between budder and diamonds? No question is stupid. We’re here to guide you.

Check out Down Under to find cannabis concentrate in Petaluma

If you’re wondering where you can find cannabis concentrate in Petaluma, the answer is simple: Down Under Industries.

Visit our shop to get a first-hand look at everything our Petaluma dispensary offers, or stay at home and order online for speedy delivery. Down Under is here to help you achieve your resolutions for self-care, relaxation and healing. You deserve the best and Down Under provides just that.

Bookmark Down Under Industries and check us out when you’re ready to experience the best cannabis concentrate products in Cali.

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