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Get to know STIIIZY Premium Cannabis

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Let’s get to know California cannabis brands. Today we’re talking about STIIIZY Premium Cannabis! Have you tried STIIIZY flower, vape pods, concentrates?! Why is STIIIZY better? Are STIIIZY pods safe? What are STIIIZY Pods compatible with? Let’s explore it all!

Who is STIIIZY Premium Cannabis?

Pronounced “steezy,” STIIIZY is a California cannabis and lifestyle brand founded in 2017. The brand’s founder, James Kim, founded it with three main goals: 

  • influence 
  • innovate 
  • inspire

STIIIZY premium cannabis were pioneers in the cannabis vape market, and now just six years after launching, they are a top-of-the-line retail chain and a premium cannabis and lifestyle brand known by cannasseurs everywhere. Let’s dig in to STIIIZY’s signature pods, cannabis flower and why STIIIZY premium cannabis is a fantastic choice for the discerning cannabis consumer. 

Why is STIIIZY better?

STIIIZY fanatics will say it just is, but why is STIIIZY better than the rest? STIIIZY is both innovative and represents the energetic yet chill vibe of its home, Southern California. With operations in California, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan and Washington state, and retail locations in California and Michigan, STIIIZY cannabis products have become popular in many emerging cannabis markets. Coupled with their top-notch battery technology, potent cultivation process and state-of-the-art lab technology, we predict STIIIZY’s popularity will only continue to flourish in the future.

STIIIZY Proprietary Vape Pods

Before expanding their menu, STIIIZY started with vape pods. Since the brand’s inception, STIIIZY’s proprietary vape pods have been a cannabis crowd pleaser. There are three different kinds of pods to choose from: 

  • Original (O.G), which uses botanically derived terpenes
  • Silver, which uses cannabis-derived terpenes
  • Gold, which are made from live resin materials that have been flash frozen to protect the plant’s terpene profile. 

Are STIIIZY Pods safe?

You may be wondering, are STIIIZY pods safe? Here’s the scoop: while smoking anything can be harmful to your respiratory system, STIIIZY relies on independent, state-licensed labs to test their vape pods. They do this to verify that the pods are free from chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals. STIIIZY also explicitly states that they “do not use any fillers,” including vitamin E acetate, an additive that many illicit and fake vape oils commonly use.

What are STIIIZY Pods compatible with?

You’re likely also curious to know this: what are STIIIZY pods compatible with? Well, STIIIZY pods are designed to fit STIIIZY batteries. STIIIZY batteries come in a variety of cool colors and are available at most dispensaries. Here at Down Under Industries, we carry a variety of STIIIZY batteries to choose from. 

What STIIIZY Pods should I purchase?

Great Question! At Down Under Industries, we are proud to carry many STIIIZY products to elevate your every experience. Here are a few of our favorites:

Fire OG CDT Indica 1 Gram Pod

Fire OG is the result of pairing two potent indica plants together. The outcome is a pleasantly powerful strain that is perfect for relaxing in any environment. Expect to feel happy, euphoric and relaxed with this piney, sweet and lemon-flavored indica.

Cherry Haze LRP Sativa 1 Gram Pod

You can expect to power through your day with the help of Cherry Haze, an uplifting sativa full of cherry and diesel aroma. This live-resin pod preserves the authentic terpene profile of the plant and can leave you feeling uplifted, energized and happy.

Apple Fritter Hybrid 1 Gram Pod

Apple Fritter, with botanically derived terpenes, is a sweet and mouth-watering strain bursting with apple flavor. Best enjoyed at the beginning of the night, this strain is perfect for winding down to a relaxing body high and calm head high as it lifts your senses with its cinnamon, citrus and hoppy flavors.

Hardcore OG Indica .5 Gram Disposable

This heavy-hitting indica comes on strong, making it perfect for late night use. Hardcore OG tastes citrusy, herbal and peppery, and can leave you feeling relaxed, happy and sleepy.

Strawnana Hybrid .5 Gram Disposable

Strawnana provides a perfect balance of indica and sativa effects, leaving you relaxed and focused.

STIIIZY Premium Cannabis Flower

Grape Octane Flower 

This balanced hybrid is a hand-selected, premium indoor-grown option with a THC percentage of 35.25%. Expect to feel energetic, focused and happy.

Lemon Up Flower

This hybrid is a hand-selected, premium indoor-grown option with a THC percentage of 35.32%. Expect to feel happy, relaxed and energetic. 

STIIIZY Live Resin

Purple Rosay Live Resin Diamonds

Curated specifically for usability, diamond crystals are suspended in STIZZY’s terpene-packed sauce. This sweet and woody hybrid can leave you feeling focused, creative and relaxed.

Mochi Gelato Live Resin Diamonds

Mochi Gelato is a creative, relaxing indica with a robust flavor profile, featuring notes of earth and wood.

Try STIIIZY Premium Cannabis today!

Looking for a discreet and delicious way to consume? Down Under Industries is proud to carry STIIIZY products and accessories. STIIIZY offers a line of premium cannabis products that has set a new industry standard for portability and convenience. STIIIZY’s proprietary pod system has garnered a cult-like following since its launch and has emerged as a leading lifestyle brand in cannabis. Check out Down Under Industries for all your STIIIZY needs.

Down Under Industries is on a mission to provide high-quality cannabis products and services that customers can trust in an environment that inspires healing, creativity and comfort. The Down Under brand is built on our core values of customer service, care and hospitality.

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