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Pass the PUFF with chill and balanced pre-rolls

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For this brand feature, we’re giving center stage to PUFF, purveyors of premium 100% dried flower pre-rolls. PUFF has made a name for themselves in the cannabis space for their unrivaled commitment to quality and affordable pre-rolls. PUFF pre-rolls only use 100% northern California-grown flower and are hand-crafted from start to finish. With a wide range of offerings, PUFF pre-rolls offer something special for every cannaseur. Our favorite must-try products in the PUFF pre-rolls line include PUFF infused pre-rolls, PUFF quickies, PUFF balance pre-rolls and PUFF chill pre-rolls. Bookmark this quick guide to all the PUFF pre-rolls we carry at Down Under Industries so you can come prepared for your next purchase. Or order ahead for pickup in Petaluma or delivery in Sonoma and Marin counties!

PUFF pre-rolls

PUFF was developed by California legacy growers keen to release a premium pre-roll to the market that was free of shake and low-quality bud. At harvest, these are expertly dried, meticulously broken down and carefully ground by hand. As a result, customers can expect only premium buds in all of the PUFF pre-roll range, as PUFF carefully sifts all their dry flower to remove any stems. Keeping these out ensures that your pre-roll delivers a top-shelf smoke from end to end.

Each PUFF pre-roll is also hand-tamped in rice paper to ensure a slow and evenly burning cherry from beginning to end. PUFF pre-rolls also come in resealable air-tight tubes and tins, so you never have to rush your PUFF experience and can truly savor the moment.

The PUFF pre-roll line is about convenience without compromise. Created by growers keen to deliver the highest quality with every purchase, the PUFF range ensures there’s a pre-roll for every occasion and mood — well, uplift, chill, balance, lit.

PUFF loaded pre-rolls

For their infused pre-rolls, PUFF takes their regular single-gram flower pre-rolls and adds a layer of cannabis oil before finishing them off with a dusting of kief. This technique lets them get creative with different flavor combinations and means you’ll get to sample trichomes from various plants in multiple forms.

For their “well-loaded” pre-roll, PUFF included CBD flower in their dry flower combination and paired them with THC oil and kief. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy a heavier dose of THC while taking full advantage of CBD’s complementary effects.

PUFF quickies

PUFF quickies are the brand’s solution for customers who want to enjoy the pre-roll experience in small quantities. PUFF quickies are packed with half a gram of flower and come in handy tins of five or ten individual pre-rolls. This smaller size is perfect for smokers who enjoy that slow, satisfying burn every day without rushing their experience.

Available in sativa, indica, hybrid and THC/CBD combinations, there is a quickie pre-roll for every occasion. Whether you’re after creativity and focus, relaxation and sleep, or relief and overall well-being, these half-gram beauties can help get you there.

PUFF balance pre-rolls

The PUFF balance pre-roll is exactly what it says on the tin: balanced. Rolled exclusively with 100% hybrid flowers, these pre-rolls are designed to help you achieve an even head and body high that keeps your feet firmly planted on the ground. Available in Grapefruit OG, the THC of these one-gram pre-rolls will always be above 20%, with the terpenes also packing a punch at between 2-4%. This results in pre-rolls with a rich and distinctive aroma with gassy, earthy, herbal and diesel tones. The balance line is also available as quickies for those seeking a shorter pre-roll experience to enjoy independently.

PUFF took the infused pre-roll balance option up a notch and changed the strain in their 1.4g loaded pre-roll to Mike Larry. This takes the THC up to 24-28% but keeps the gassy, herbally diesel tones.

PUFF chill pre-rolls

For their indica pre-roll offering, the PUFF team designed their Chill line. Rolled with indica strains like Lava Cake and Ice Cream Sherbet, these pre-rolls will leave you relaxed and carefree. The Lava Cake strain is available in their half-gram quickies and standard 1g pre-roll and tests at potencies of 20-25% THC. In their infused pre-rolls, the Ice Cream Sherbet strain packs a potent punch with THC levels of 25-29% and terpenes of 4-6%.

Those looking for a more potent effect will get used to flowery, sweet, grape and berry tones from the terpene profiles of these indica-dominant strains.

Puff PUFF Pre-rolls

Whether you’re shopping for a pre-roll that will get your creative juices flowing, a heavier infused roll that offers a trinity of trichomes or something perfect for those times when you just need to kick back and relax, PUFF pre-rolls offer plenty of options.

Check out our PUFF pre-roll products list at Down Under Industries to learn more, browse products and take home a premium pre-roll today.

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