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Quench Your Thirst with Cannabis Beverages

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With a unique boutique storefront in Petaluma, CA, and convenient at-home delivery for those in the greater Sonoma County and Marin County regions, Down Under Industries is the perfect place for those looking to incorporate cannabis into their health and wellness routines to reap its benefits. With more than just high-quality products at exceptional prices, Down Under offers customers healing, creativity and comfort through exceptional customer service based on care and hospitality. Featuring a carefully curated menu with a wide variety of cannabis-based products, Down Under has something for everyone, whatever needs they have. One of the most popular categories as of late is the cannabis-infused beverage. Keep reading to learn what exactly a cannabis beverage is, why the cannabis beverage is becoming many people’s favorite way to consume cannabis and the top cannabis beverage brands and companies in California!

Cannabis Beverage History

As cannabis legalization sweeps across the country, consumers are looking for more and different ways to consume the wonder plant and make use of its wellness benefits. The love of edibles has always been around, kicked into high gear when Alice B. Toklas published her Hashish Fudge recipe back in the 50s, as edibles can provide a stronger, longer-lasting high than smoking alone. But making a cannabis-infused beverage has been historically tricky, as cannabinoids, being fat-soluble, do not traditionally mix well with water. Cannabinoids and alcohol mix well, but it is currently illegal to combine alcohol and cannabis within the United States.

When cannabis beverage companies finally cracked the code on how to perfect the cannabis-infused beverage without involving alcohol, all bets were off. Suddenly, cannabis beverage brands were releasing everything from sodas to sparkling waters to coffee, to even non-alcoholic beers and wines. There are lemonades, iced teas and beverage-enhancer flavor drops designed for everyone, from those who are looking to relax to those who need energy to finish the week off strong.

Cannabis Edible vs Cannabis Beverage

Cannabis edibles must be digested completely before the body can begin the absorption process. While edibles can provide a stronger and longer-lasting high than other methods of consumption, a user may need to wait hours to feel the full effects. However, with a cannabis-infused beverage, cannabinoids dissolve immediately thanks to nanoemulsions. They begin to be absorbed through your saliva and into your body the moment they hit your mouth. This means you may start to feel the beverage’s effects in as little as 30 minutes. For this reason, many people seeking fast pain relief or relaxation turn to cannabis beverages.

Cannabis Beverage Popularity

More and more cannabis beverage companies are popping up as more and more consumers desire cannabis beverages. Cannabis beverages are perfect for those who:

  • Want to enjoy cannabis discreetly, without smoke or vapor
  • Want to enjoy a relaxing buzz without any of the health or safety concerns associated with alcohol
  • Want a cannabis-infused digestible product that works faster than a conventional edible
  • Want to combat the anxiety often associated with parties or social events so they can exhibit the most stress-free, relaxed version of themselves

These socially acceptable, smoke-free cannabis products are easy to use, require no additional accouterments and are perfect for beginners and experienced cannabis aficionados alike. Since the effects of cannabis beverages are felt sooner than the effects of cannabis edibles, it’s less likely that you’d inadvertently consume too much and get too high. And it cannot be understated that cannabis-infused beverages have come a long way since their inception. Today’s cannabis beverages can be found in a wide variety of forms and flavors that are both refreshing and delicious.

Down Under Industries Cannabis Beverages

Down Under makes it a point to maintain an ever-evolving menu featuring the finest cannabis products currently available for their guests to experience. A dedicated and educated staff uses empathy, kindness and patience to help guide customers through the myriad of choices in order to find the perfect product. Nothing goes on the Down Under menu without rigorous testing and personal use. The current Down Under drink menu contains a multitude of cannabis beverage brands and flavor options. Some of our personal favorites include:

Olala Mango Craft Soda

This cannabis-infused sparkling beverage awakens your senses with delicate bubbles and the mouth-watering taste of mango while providing a mellow and euphoric high. Crafted with pure cane sugar and full-spectrum cannabis oil, all Olala tropical beverages contain amazing flavor profiles and expertly balanced effects. Check out the guava, blue raspberry and orange cream flavors as well.

Kikoko Creativi-Tea

This caffeinated black tea infused with THC and THCV delivers an energetic, happy high designed to improve your mood and help you access your creative brilliance. Kikoko is a women-owned company offering all-organic, low-dose cannabis-infused herbal teas that are thoughtfully created with specific purposes, including Tranquili-Tea for a night of rest and Sensuali-Tea for a night of love.

Lagunitas Zero-Calorie Cloudberry

This cannabis-infused sparkling beverage contains zero calories, zero carbs and zero sugar for an easy-drinking, natural flavor experience with nothing to weigh you down. This tart and juicy delight has raspberry, currant and blackberry notes along with equally mild doses of both THC and CBD for a refreshingly light, bubbly taste and a smooth, easy high. There is also Lagunitas Hoppy Balance for a mid-range, just-right feeling and Hoppy Chill for when you want to relax in a big way.

Kwik Ease Strawberry Haze mini-shot

With 100mg of THC in a compact two-ounce size, this fact-acting, easy-dosing beverage blends the sativa strain Strawberry Haze with real strawberries and fresh lemon juice for a summer taste and an elevated lift. Kwik Ease compact cannabis beverages offer strain-specific blends that provide unmatched flavor, potency and convenience. Choose Pineapple Express if you’re looking for a hybrid, Kushberry if you want the kind of good night’s sleep only an indica can provide and Lemon Haze for that 1:1 CBD and THC balanced high for your inner equilibrium.

Keef Mr. Puffer Classic Soda

From Keef Brands, the cannabis beverage company leader since 2010, comes this sweet and timeless soda flavor containing a burst of THC for added effect. Containing 10mg THC and a taste that will bring back your favorite childhood memories, Keef classic sodas like Orange Kush and Purple Passion just can’t be beaten.

Trust Down Under for Quality Cannabis Beverage Brands

Down Under Industries owners Rod and Jamie share a passion for people, plant medicine and their community. See for yourself the unparalleled shopping experience we offer by stopping by or placing a delivery order today. Open seven days a week and offering discounts for seniors, veterans, first responders and workers within the cannabis industry, Down Under Industries wants to be your first stop, last stop, one-stop shop when you are looking for a cannabis beverage or any other cannabis product.

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