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Top five reasons to buy cannabis from Down Under Industries

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Californians love their cannabis! Legal for medicinal use since 1996 and for recreational use since 2016, cannabis is no longer believed to cause “Reefer Madness” and is finally appreciated for all of its therapeutic benefits. People in California, as well as nationwide, are turning to the cannabis plant when experiencing injury, chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, insomnia, nausea — not to mention when they just want to have a good time, wind down and relax. Gone are the days when you or someone you knew had to have a dealer hook-up to procure your weed. These days it’s common to have a recreational dispensary featuring top cannabis brands within an accessible distance, maybe even a top cannabis delivery service in your area. And that’s a good thing, right?

Definitely — having cannabis and products from top cannabis brands widely available is brilliant. The problem arises though in the belief that all cannabis and every cannabis dispensary is the same. That’s just not the case. While a bargain is always appreciated, buying the cheapest weed you can find is not a stellar idea. After all, what you put into your body matters, and of course you want to experience the best high possible — and you want it all at the best price possible. No one wants to have to shop around, drive all over town or visit multiple places to get all that. What you really need is a recreational dispensary you can trust. If you are anywhere in or around Sonoma, California, the dispensary you can trust is Down Under Industries.

When looking for the best recreational dispensary near you or the top cannabis delivery service in Sonoma County, you’ll be impressed with Down Under. If you need some convincing, we have prepared the top five reasons to shop at Down Under Industries.

  1. Down Under Industries is made up of real people providing real care.

Husband and wife team, Jamie and Rod, created a boutique dispensary where they could share their love of plant medicine with their community. This California native and her wild Aussie partner knew firsthand the difference that cannabis made in their health and wellness, and they wanted to create a safe space for others where there is not only a wide and diverse menu of products to choose from, but also a team of knowledgeable staff members to guide the way.

All Down Under budtenders get regular brand training and product experience so they are well informed on anything and everything available for purchase. If they wouldn’t use it, they won’t carry it within their curated collection. Down Under isn’t driven by sales but rather by a sincere desire to help others. You’ll notice the difference between Down Under and other dispensaries from your very first interaction. 

  1. Down Under carries the highest quality cannabis and supports local businesses. 

As a California dispensary, Down Under knows that some of the finest cannabis available comes from The Golden State. Down Under has a curated collection of premium products including flower, prerolls, concentrate, edibles and vape from local manufacturers like Stiiizy, Raw Garden, Kahna, Gelato and West Coast Cure to name just a few.

Sourcing the top cannabis brands in California and offering them at the best possible pricing is just one of the ways that Down Under stands out from the crowd and defines themselves as the best cannabis dispensary around. 

  1. Whether you shop in-store or receive delivery, Down Under offers an experience like no other.

With a somewhat hidden yet super convenient location on Ely Road about a yard outside of Petaluma, and a wide delivery area that covers the greater Sonoma County area and part of Marin, Down Under is here to serve you! Whether you want to come into Down Under’s cozy rustic industrial farmhouse and peruse items for yourself, or make use of their top cannabis delivery service and have their goodies brought right to you, you can easily acquire just what you need.

Don’t worry about being overwhelmed and making a bad choice. First, all Down Under products are premium options so there are no bad choices. And second, Down Under has made it their mission to use their experience and expertise to help you navigate your options and make an informed and comfortable selection. This is a cannabis dispensary unlike anyplace else, and you will not be treated just like anybody else Down Under Industries values each and every customer and their unique life experience, and uses kindness and compassion to make sure you leave feeling better than when you arrived at the best cannabis dispensary in Sonoma County.

Whether you are looking for top cannabis delivery service, curbside pickup or the finest in an in-store recreational dispensary experience, the answer is always the same: Down Under Industries. 

  1. Down Under gives back to their community.

As a Petaluma native, Jamie is proud to be a California dispensary owner, and both she and Rod know the importance of community and giving back. In addition to encouraging their employees to volunteer by paying their full day when they do, the whole Down Under Industries team frequently sponsors and hosts local events, participates in local drives and lends a helping hand to those in need whenever they can.

When you choose to spend your money at this recreational dispensary, your dollars don’t just line the pockets of some big faceless corporation they go to helping others. At Down Under, you can rest easy knowing that you not only purchased one of the top cannabis brands available but that your purchase went to making the world a better place.

  1. Down Under values you.

Whether you are a first-time customer or an established regular, Down Under values you not just your business, but you as a person. Senior citizens receive a 10% off senior discount, and veterans receive a 10% off veteran discount — thank you for your service!

We also appreciate first responders, all they do and all they stand for, so we offer all first responders a 15% off discount.

Do you work in the cannabis industry? Take advantage of our 15% off industry discount. And with alerts to special deals with email sign-up and regular sales and holiday specials, everyone saves and everyone leaves happy.

Best Cannabis Dispensary

With core values of customer service, care and hospitality, Down Under Industries is the purveyor you can trust for top cannabis delivery service or an exceptional boutique storefront California dispensary experience. Rest assured that whenever you choose to shop at Down Under, you are receiving a product from one of the top cannabis brands with excellent lab results that has been extensively tested for great flavor and user satisfaction and you’re getting it at the best price around.

Open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Down Under can provide you with just what you want safely and discreetly and just when you need it. Stop endlessly searching for your perfect dispensary and see what all the buzz is about remember Down Under Industries for your every cannabis need in Sonoma and Marin counties.

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