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At Down Under Industries, we understand that your pets are more than just animals; they’re cherished members of your family. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to our carefully curated selection of premium pet CBD products.

Much like people, our pets often undergo stress and physical ailments that can be mitigated with cannabinoids like THC and CBD. For those who are looking to go the natural route with their furry friends, CBD products for pets may be the perfect solution.

Wondering where to get CBD for pets? Down Under Industries carries pet CBD in Petaluma, CA. We believe that every pet deserves the best, and our range of pet-friendly CBD tinctures by VetCBD are designed to provide your furry friends the care and comfort they deserve.

VetCBD: Trusted by Pet Owners, Loved by Pets

Formulated by Dr. Tim Shu, VetCBD tinctures are created with full-spectrum CBD cannabis extracts and organic extra virgin olive oil. These physician-formulated products are carefully designed and tested three times to ensure their potency and quality match the required safety measures.

VetCBD understands how important it is to know exactly what you are giving your pets, which is why they highlight full transparency of product testing to their customers. All batch numbers are readily available on their website, allowing you to effortlessly access and verify the lab results for any product you purchase.

Cannabis Pet Tincture at Down Under Industries

We proudly carry various VetCBD products designed to meet your pet’s unique needs. VetCBD’s tinctures are thoughtfully designed to enhance your pet’s well-being. Whether it’s promoting tranquility, providing support for joint discomfort, nurturing cognitive function or maintaining a healthy gut, VetCBD products are formulated for your pet’s unique needs.
If you’re looking for a light tincture with a low dose of THC, this regular-strength pet CBD is for you. With only 12.5 milligrams of THC and 250 milligrams of CBD, this is a great option for daily maintenance.
This pet tincture is ideal for pets who would benefit from a higher THC content while maintaining a 21:1 ratio of CBD.
With 1000 milligrams of CBD and 50 milligrams of THC, this tincture is designed for pets that require a more potent solution. It’s crafted to provide comprehensive support for your pet’s overall wellness.
For pets needing extra support, our Extra Strength cannabis pet tincture offers 500 milligrams of CBD and 50 milligrams of THC. It’s a perfect choice for those seeking a balanced blend of cannabinoids for their furry companions.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Products For Pets

Q: How do I choose the right CBD product for my pet?
A: Selecting the right CBD product for your pet depends on their specific needs and sensitivities. We advise that you consult with your veterinarian before introducing any new product to your pet’s routine. Our knowledgeable staff at Down Under Industries can provide guidance and recommendations tailored to your pet’s requirements.
Q: How do I administer CBD to my bet?
A: Administering CBD products for pets is typically easy and stress-free. Many pet owners prefer mixing CBD tinctures with their pet’s food or placing drops directly under the pet’s tongue. If you’re purchasing a VetCBD tincture, their products come with high-quality plastic syringes for safe dosing.
Q: How do I know what is an appropriate dose of CBD to give my pet?
A: The dosage can vary depending on the pet’s size and condition, so it’s essential to follow the recommended guidelines provided with the product. VetCBD’s website has a calculator to enter your pet’s weight and the potency of your product and receive a recommended dose. Regardless, it’s always best to start with a small dose to see how your pet responds to the product.
Q: Where to get CBD for pets?
A: Down Under Industries in Petaluma is your trusted source for high-quality CBD products for pets, including VetCBD’s exceptional range. Visit our store or give us a call and our team will be happy to assist you in finding the right product for your pet.

Shop for Pet Cannabis Tincture with Confidence

When it comes to your pet’s well being, quality matters. At Down Under Industries, we share your commitment to providing the best care possible to your furry family members. Our partnership with VetCBD ensures that your pet receives the highest standard of pet CBD products in California.

Whether you’re seeking to soothe anxiety, alleviate pain or simply enhance your pet’s overall quality of life, VetCBDs’ pet-friendly tinctures are crafted with your pet’s well being in mind.

Unlock the best for your pet today at Down Under Industries, your trusted source for pet CBD in Petaluma, California.

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