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Tag: demo

Pax Demo 12-3pm

WE BELIEVE IN THE POWERS OF THE PLANT Our communities rely on cannabis for their well-being, so we work every day to bring the best out of the...

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Proof Demo

Tinctures Also known as Drops, tinctures are a versatile, effective way to consume cannabis. Available in a variety of potency ratios, Proof drops...

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Binske Demo 4pm-7pm

Celebrating higher living, binske is a fine cannabis brand that was founded by Jake and Alex Pasternack in 2015. Determined to perfect every detail,...

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Upnorth BOGO

Born out of the rich legacy of Humboldt County, UpNorth is a proud ambassador for this special market, its values, and philosophy to the world beyond...

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Kwik Ease BOGO

After over a year in the making, we’re proud to release the newest product in our acclaimed Kwik Ease line: the 12oz Kwik Ease Lemonade. Choose from...

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Proof Demo 12-2pm

In 2016, Proof’s founders, a husband and wife team, set out with a simple goal: to make cannabis products of the absolute highest quality, priced compassionately,...

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