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Cannabis Cartridges in Petaluma

Cannabis vape carts or cartridges are popular in Petaluma and Sonoma and Marin counties. Cannabis vape cartridges are easy to use, making them a reliable choice for experienced and new users alike. Carts are a great discreet option that is easy and quick to consume. Most commonly, we offer 500mg half gram and 1000mg full gram cartridge options. All products in this category are 510 thread.

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How long do carts last?

On average, cannabis pen cartridges can last anywhere from six months to a year, assuming proper care. Sativa carts, indica carts and hybrid carts all have similar life spans, but how long they last ultimately comes down to the level of use and access to proper storage.

How should I store my cannabis cartridge?

The best way to store a cannabis cartridge is to keep it in a relatively dark location that doesn’t receive direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the molecules inside the cartridge to degrade, which results in a less effective hit. We also recommend storing it upright.

How much do carts cost?

Cannabis vape carts definitely vary in price. When comparing brands, however, there are some things consumers should look for to ensure they select the best product for their needs.

THC cartridge potency

Many carts contain upward of 70% THC depending on the brand, strain and batch. 

If the cartridge contains a ratio of CBD and THC, it’s worth investigating. For example, this Himalaya 1000 mg cart contains a 21:1 ratio of CBD to THC, so the potency is only an average of 2.8%. This hardly means it’s ineffective — it’s more often used for therapeutic needs than recreation.

Should I try an indica cart, sativa cart or hybrid cart?

Indica, sativa and hybrid are all classifications for strains of cannabis, and they loosely describe the general effects that you can expect from a given product.

An indica cartridge will most likely result in a more “mellow” high, typically with a significant degree of relaxation and tiredness. The best indica cartridge will allow you to drift off slowly and wake up feeling refreshed and rested the next morning.

A sativa cartridge, on the other hand, is most often used during the day when you are looking for a more creative and productive high. It most likely will not make you drowsy, and it may uplift your energy level and focus.

Hybrid THC carts tend to produce a combination of the above effects, and some consider hybrids the best cannabis cartridges for daily use. They may, for example, allow your mind to relax while stimulating your appetite, or cause your appetite to decrease while giving you the ability to still think clearly.

Dab pens vs. vape carts

Although they may seem quite similar, dab pens and vape pens are two different options for smoking. Vape pens use preloaded vape carts, which are then heated up by a battery, which can be disposable or rechargeable. Dab pens allow you to load your own product into the chamber, which is then heated by a rechargeable battery.

Best Cannabis Vape Carts

Some of the best cannabis carts will be more expensive than their fellow products, but many report they are well-worth the investment. A cannabis cart is only as good as its ingredients, and Down Under Industries is committed to carrying high-quality cannabis cartridges at various price points.

Shop Down Under Industries for the best cannabis cartridges in Petaluma and around Sonoma and Marin counties. Stop by our shop in Petaluma to see for yourself, or enjoy cannabis carts delivered right to your door. Don’t want until your favorite cartridge runs out. Plan ahead for the most convenient experience.

cannabis vape cartridges
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