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Cannabis topicals in Petaluma

cannabis topicals in california

As society continues to accept cannabis as a highly effective plant medicine, cannabis topicals in California have become all the rage.

Although the conversation about the best cannabis topicals in Petaluma might be something new, the history behind humans’ use of cannabis topicals for healing certainly is not. The Papyrus Ebers, ancient Egyptian medical scrolls detailing herbal knowledge, specifically mention the use of cannabis topicals for their anti-inflammatory properties. In ancient China, the plant was recognized for its antibacterial benefits and frequently used to treat wounds. And England’s own Queen Victoria was said to have used cannabis tinctures and oils to relieve her menstrual cramps.

Today, cannabis topicals in Petaluma are widely available and an excellent choice for treating pain, reducing inflammation, combating mood disorders and providing relief for a variety of other ailments and symptoms.

Cannabis topicals in california

What are cannabis topicals?

Cannabis topicals are products infused with cannabis oil that go on your skin instead of into your body. They include CBD balms, gels, lotions and creams, sprays and roll-ons, transdermal patches, bath additives and skincare products. A wide variety of cannabis topical products is available in the current marketplace, and more are hitting the shelves every day.

What are cannabis topicals used for?

Cannabis topicals in California have been successfully used to treat everything from acne to psoriasis to eczema. They’re also used for localized relief for individuals suffering from injuries, muscle soreness, arthritis and nerve damage.

Beyond reducing pain and inflammation, many use cannabis topicals in Petaluma to moisturize, soothe itches and stings and promote healthy skin growth.

How do cannabis topicals work?

Unlike cannabis that’s smoked or eaten, cannabis topicals provide localized relief because they’re absorbed directly into the skin where they are applied.

Cannabinoid receptors in our skin absorb the topical and alter our pain response. Transdermal products, such as a CBD patch or a THC patch, while still technically a topical, take things a step further and offer deeper penetration to the targeted areas where they are applied. These can penetrate the layers of the skin deeply enough to reach the bloodstream.

With a cannabis topical, you feel the effects very quickly, usually within minutes. Generally, the effects last between two and four hours. These products are specifically designed to provide a slow, steady release, making them the perfect choice for extended relief.

Where can I get cannabis topicals?

There’s no end to the places you can buy cannabis topicals in California!

Cannabis topical products can not only be found at dispensaries, but at major retail stores like Target, Walmart and CVS. You can probably even find some at your neighborhood gas station. But just because you can find cannabis topicals everywhere doesn’t mean those products will actually provide the relief you’re after. You want to buy your cannabis topicals in California from a retailer you can trust., a retailer who can guide you through the many options and provide you with the perfect choice to soothe exactly what ails you.

When it comes to the number one choice in high-quality cannabis products at the best possible pricing and the ultimate in customer service, the answer is clear: You need to shop at Down Under Industries.

Down Under Industries: Cannabis Topicals in Petaluma

Down Under Industries is a family-owned and operated business with a cozy storefront in Petaluma, California. We offer same-day delivery to those in the greater Sonoma County or Marin County regions.

Open seven days a week, Down Under has made it our mission to offer our community a shopping experience where they can feel safe and supported in making informed decisions about the cannabis products they choose. Husband and wife team Rod and Jamie love sharing their passion for plant-based medicine, and employ a staff that is empathetic, informed, patient and kind.

Down Under has an ever-evolving menu full of products that don’t hit our shelves until they’re both lab-tested but personally approved. We take their reputation seriously and would never offer a product we wouldn’t use ourselves. The Down Under topical cannabis menu currently includes indica gel and sativa gel from Mary’s Medicinals in a convenient pen application, a medicated epsom salt soak from OM Wellness, CBD and THC-rich Releaf balms from Papa & Barkley and even a unique silicone-based, cannabis-infused lubricant from Lavinia…and so much more. Offering discounts to senior citizens, veterans, first responders and those who work in the cannabis industry, Down Under wants to give everyone the opportunity to supplement their health and wellness routine with the highest quality cannabis available. For self-care, relaxation and healing, you deserve the best—and the best is Down Under Industries. Treat yourself today by stopping by or having some goodies delivered right to your door. Remember Down Under Industries for all your cannabis needs.

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