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Your 420 Guide to Getting High in Sonoma County

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The most blazing holiday of the year is nearly upon us! How are you going to celebrate? Determining the best cannabis strains and ways to celebrate 420 in Sonoma County is no easy feat! One of the most popular destinations for cannabis enthusiasts, Sonoma County in California has become a hub for cannabis tourism. That makes it a stellar place to celebrate 420 this year — and all year long! To help you celebrate in style, we put together the ultimate guide to celebrating 420 in Sonoma County. To start our list, let’s visit the best dispensary in Sonoma County, Down Under Industries!

Visit the Best Dispensary in Sonoma County

No list of the best ways to celebrate 420 is complete without starting with the best cannabis strains in tow. And there is no better place to pick up your favorite bud than Down Under Industries! Our Sonoma County cannabis store boasts a robust product offering that includes some of the best cannabis strains in Sonoma County. To kick off your 420 adventures on a high note, try:

1. Tropical Punch 1g Dablicator Solventless by Jetty Extracts

If you are looking for Sonoma County marijuana that packs a punch, the Tropical Punch 1g Dablicator Solventless by Jetty Extracts is the way to go. This live rosin is a mix between Tropaya and Banana Punch, giving users a euphoric and tingly feeling.

2. Mac 1 Preroll 14Pk by Pacific Stone

There are few better ways to celebrate 420 than with your favorite preroll in hand. The Mac 1 Preroll 14-pack by Pacific Stone gives users an uplifting, euphoric head high, which makes it a perfect 420 adventure addition!

3. Sunset Country Club 3.5g by Fig Farms

One of the best cannabis strains for taking in the beautiful sights around you, the Sunset Country Club 3.5g by Fig Farms leaves users feeling uplifted and buzzing. This sense-enhancing strain is perfect for exploring nature and is a Sonoma County cannabis favorite among dispensary visitors.

4. Classic Blue Raspberry Gummies by Kanha

If edibles are more your 420 vibe, the Classic Blue Raspberry Gummies by Kanha are the way to go. These popular Petaluma edibles are crafted with hybrid terpenes, leaving users at a happy medium between relaxed and energized.

Once you’ve stocked up on the best cannabis strains at the best dispensary in Sonoma County, it’s time to start exploring all Sonoma County has to offer.

Explore the beautiful Redwoods

One of our favorite things about Sonoma County is its beautiful natural scenery. The county is home to several state parks, including the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve, which is just under an hour’s drive from Down Under Industries. Here you will find breathtaking giant redwood trees, hikes and outdoor adventures. It’s the perfect place to take your favorite Sonoma County cannabis strain and get lost in nature.

Take a Trip to the Coast

Up next on our list of unique ways to celebrate 420 is a trip to the California coast. If you aren’t sure where to go, grab your favorite Sonoma County marijuana strain and follow us to Bodega Dunes Beach. Just 40 minutes from Down Under Industries, this quaint, scenic and relaxing beach is the ideal place to watch the sunset with your favorite book and bong in hand.

Pay a Visit to San Francisco

If you are looking to take your 420 celebrations to a more urban environment, there is no better place than San Francisco. Located just one hour from Down Under Industries, the city boasts a thriving cannabis culture and numerous cannabis-friendly experiences.

Personally, we enjoy hitting our favorite Sonoma County marijuana strains and taking a stroll through Fisherman’s Wharf or the Palace of Fine Arts! Oh, and we cannot forget Golden Gate Park.

Embrace your Inner Foodie in Downtown Petaluma

Raise your hand if you tend to get the munchies when lighting up! If this sounds like you, there is no doubt that you will want to incorporate a food stop or two into your 420 festivities! If you have yet to visit Downtown Petaluma, make it a priority to treat yourself to its incredible local restaurants. A few of our favorites include Stockhome Restaurant, Hanks Petaluma and Central Market.

As always, remember to consume responsibly. Consider having a designated driver or using a rideshare app to get around.

Sonoma California cannabis is a fantastic choice, no matter how you choose to celebrate 420. We hope to see you soon at our Sonoma County Dispensary. Down Under Industries provides high-quality cannabis products and services our customers can trust, all located in Petaluma, CA. May your 420 festivities be filled with all the highs. Cheers!

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