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Marin County Cannabis

There’s just something magical about Marin County. The smallest, in both size and population, of all the Bay Area counties of San Francisco, Marin County has it all: beaches, waterfalls, redwood forests, marshes, creeks and even an actual mountain. Home to some of the most active, affluent and civic-minded citizens in the U.S., it’s no wonder that residents see Marin County cannabis for exactly what it is: plant medicine.

Whether you reside in Marin County or are just visiting, when you are looking for a cannabis dispensary near Marin County where you can find the highest quality product at the best possible prices along with exceptional service, you need look no further than Down Under Industries.

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The #1 Cannabis Dispensary in Marin County

Offering options that are both premium and diverse, Down Under Industries provides guests an environment where they can feel supported in making informed decisions about the cannabis products they choose. Every member of the Down Under team is trained and experienced in working with the public as well as kind, caring and patient when helping guests navigate the menu. Our team prioritizes this guest-focused approach so every visitor leaves with the perfect product for their personal needs.

When it comes to cannabis dispensaries in Marin County, no one can beat Down Under when it comes to variety, value and customer service. Down Under is the cannabis dispensary Marin County residents visit and return to again and again and again.

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Down Under Cannabis Dispensary Marin County, CA Menu

When looking for comfort, creativity and healing, you can trust the cannabis dispensary near Marin County who has made it their mission to share their passion and love of cannabis with the community: Down Under Industries. Whether you choose to purchase in-store or have cannabis delivered right to you, Down Under offers an ever-evolving menu full of products we believe in. Our menu features:

  • Cannabis flower
  • Vapes
  • Pre-rolls
  • Concentrates
  • Topicals
  • Edibles
  • Beverages
  • Tinctures
  • Cannabis accessories

…and even pet products! Down Under is your one-stop shop for all things cannabis.

The Best in Marin County Cannabis Dispensary Delivery

Those interested in more information about how they can add cannabis to their everyday health and wellness routine can always pay a visit to the cozy brick & mortar Down Under dispensary located in Petaluma, but for those looking to have healing and relaxation brought right to their door, they can make use of the best in Marin County cannabis dispensary delivery on the Down Under website. With same-day delivery from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week, you can browse at your leisure and order at your convenience.

You get Marin County cannabis from the best manufacturers around, delivered by friendly and professional drivers who are committed to making sure that your experience as a Down Under customer is always a positive one.

If you’re looking for PAX pods in Petaluma, come to Down Under Industries. Get all your PAX vaporizer needs, including a PAX Era battery and PAX Era pods.

Marin County Cannabis FAQ

Can I legally purchase cannabis in Marin County?

You sure can! Marin County legislation allows adults over the age of 21 to purchase cannabis for recreational use, whether they reside within Marin County or are just there for a visit.

You are legally allowed to possess up to 28.5 grams of cannabis plant material and up to eight grams of concentrated cannabis without fear of prosecution while in Marin County. Keep in mind that no place allows or encourages driving while under the influence, and Marin County is no exception.

How do I know if cannabis is right for me?

Experienced cannabis users can validate that if you are looking for a decrease in anxiety, a reduction in inflammation, a lowering of your blood pressure or a way to regulate and prevent diabetes, treat depression and simply relax, cannabis is an excellent choice to add to your health and wellness routine.

There is science behind the studies that show cannabis is safe for daily use and can provide significant relief for those suffering from chronic pain. That said, no one can determine whether cannabis is right for you other than you. Cannabis might not be right for everyone, but the best way to see if it might be right for you is to give it a try and find out.

What if I can’t smoke? Can I still use cannabis?

Whether you are someone who doesn’t want to smoke, whether it’s due to health risks or simply personal preference, there are still a multitude of ways to enjoy and experience the benefits of cannabis. In addition to burning and smoking the cannabis flower, you can vape or partake of a tasty edible or delicious cannabis beverage. You can also swallow cannabis in a capsule form, just like a vitamin, or even place liquid cannabis drops right under your tongue. You can also add some tincture directly into your favorite food or drink.

As one of the cannabis dispensaries in Marin County with a reputation for employing friendly and experienced staff members, Down Under delights in helping each customer find the perfect product for their needs and preferences.

Do I have to go inside a cannabis dispensary in order to get my product?
Not if you don’t want to. Down Under offers Marin County cannabis dispensary delivery so that you can get just what you’re looking for without ever having to leave the privacy and comfort of your own home. Down Under is the cannabis dispensary in Marin County that makes your purchase both convenient and discreet.
Where can I go to buy cannabis in Marin County?
While you have more than one option when it comes to picking a cannabis dispensary Marin County, CA, the boutique dispensary known as Down Under Industries offers a shopping experience that is second to none.

Marin County Local Attractions

Offering a range of outdoor activities as well as fine dining, shopping, strolling and amazingly picturesque views of San Francisco, Marin County truly has a bit of something for everyone.

While major attractions include paying a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, the Marin County Civic Center, the 554-acre redwood-filled grounds of Muir Woods or the seemingly endless and spectacular stretch of coastline known as the Point Reyes National Seashore, there are also some amazing lesser-known hidden gems of Marin County that are definitely worth exploring, especially after a visit to the best cannabis dispensary Marin County has to offer, Down Under. Trust us when we say you should definitely check out:

Bay Model

For a quirky way to see your surroundings and get a bird’s-eye view while still on the ground, check out this hydraulic scale model of the San Francisco Bay built by the Army Corps of Engineers in the late 1950s. It’s a fun way to see the tides and how they change up about every 25 minutes.

Imagination Park

Commemorating George Lucas, creator of both Star Wars and Indiana Jones, the goal was to create a place where both adults and children could visit and enjoy a moment of peace and a touch of inspiration. The highlight, though, is two life-sized and incredibly detailed bronze statues of iconic characters Yoda and Indiana Jones.

Lyford’s Tower

While the story behind this Civil War embalmer’s gateway to his utopian dream-village will have you believing that fact really is stranger than fiction, this eerie stone tower overlooking Angel Island is open to the public and definitely worth exploring.


It’s difficult to find a link for a place whose number one goal is to remain unfound, so we just linked to the Saloon that sits inside it. A town made up of artists, surfers and those who prefer to remain off the grid, this tiny coastal beachside oasis offers fresh seafood, organic beer and beckoning waves that you may find nearly impossible to leave.

Foam Henge

Located off the Lucky Drive exit South on Highway 101 is the site artist and creator Lee Greenberg has dubbed the Rancho Shazam School of Art and Technical Stuff. It’s home to the art installation and Stonehenge homage lovingly referred to as Foam Henge. It’s not really easy to explain, you just kind of have to see it to believe it.

Nike Missile Site

Peace-lovers in Marin not in the know would be shocked to discover that there is an actual Cold War missile site inside Fort Barry. This fully restored Nike Missile facility is actually three sites spread out over a mile that includes launch area housing, barracks and support facilities.

Why Should I Purchase from Down Under Industries?

Down Under Industries was founded by the desire of husband and wife team Rod & Jamie to help others see that there are indeed alternatives to Western medicine when it comes to pain relief and healing.

Jamie, a Petaluma native, and Rod, a transplant from Australia, created a business that they could get excited about. It’s based on a patient-first approach that includes their core values of kindness, communication, intuition and education. With a desire to give back to the community as well as make cannabis is accessible to every individual who desires it, Down Under not only offers products at the best prices possible, but provides discounts to a variety of groups such as seniors, veterans, and first responders as well as to any individual who works in the cannabis industry. Whether you are a first-time customer or a regular, Down Under cannabis dispensary Marin County strives to make you feel like you are cared for. At Down Under, we make sure you know that we see you as more than just a sale; we see you as a friend.

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